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You can say a lot with Marketing, but it's just words until you back it up with action

Karl Lundgren, M50 Media

Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Radio & Social Media Personality, Marketing Professional and Business Coach

Karl started out in Marketing and Business in the early 2000's by building and managing the websites and marketing for his own businesses while attending College and University in North Bay, Ontario. 

In January 2010, Karl took a Webmaster position with Cruise Connections Canada, which brought him back to where he grew up in the Metro Vancouver region. Karl worked for Cruise Connections until July 2014 when he made the move to Expedia Cruises in Port Coquitlam, BC. The following year Karl transitioned into a part-time marketing consultation role with Expedia Cruises to allow him more time to focus on his own business ventures and to take on other marketing clients as a consultant. 

In the fall of 2018, following cannabis legalization that summer in Canada, Karl took on a role heading up Marketing and Business Development at CenturionPro Solutions, a cannabis havesting equipment manufacturer in his hometown of Maple Ridge, BC. His extensive Marketing experience and transferable skills proved invaluable to a new and emerging cannabis industry and, much to the surprise of many industry insiders, Karl quickly earned a reputation as a thought leader and content creator in the space. Following the decline of the cannabis industry in 2021, Karl transitioned into Marketing consulting full-time for a short period until in the spring of 2022 an opportunity arose for Karl to head up Marketing at Native Northwest, an Indigenous Art Apparel brand.

Karl now works in a mostly full-time capacity with Native Northwest as their Marketing Manager, but is also pationate about marketing education, content creation, and coaching small businesses and startups in his spare time. He is also the host of the popular Sports Podcast Bush League that broadcasts on CIVL Radio in Abbotsford, BC, and covers the Vancouver and Abbotsford Canucks hockey franchises.

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